Ex-Sitanath Whatsapp

For better connectivity and visibility we have created a Whatsapp group as well with 50+ members at this moment.

Since we are able to add many Seniors in that group, in order to give them maximum respect and comfort, we had to put across few basic Rules and Regulations for that team. Although we are always open to each and every member in that team to modify those rules whenever required.



  1. Please do share whatever you feel like.
  2. Go back to your childhood just as it was in sitanath.
  3. Let your heart speak .
  4. Lough and let us lough.
  5. Start every day as a new day.
  6. Always be with us. We are open to any kind of Feedbacks to improve the group.


Don’t do’s

  1. Please take care that your words don’t hurt others.
  2. Please forget and forgive if there is any unintentional mistake by anybody. 
  3. Always be Proactive, for slightest doubts or smallest opinions, please let everybody know.
  4. Please no political discussion here.
  5. Never quit.